I’m Back

Reconciliation Stained Glass - Copy 1

Alwaysproventrue took a break to reboot. I’m still Catholic, but as the dust has settled on my conversion, I needed to change my tone. In conversations with three dear Christian brethren (a […]


The Three Crosses by Peter Paul Reubens Circa 1620 - Copy 1

When I was an anti-Catholic, the thief on the cross was my most often-played card against Catholics. The logic goes like this. The thief believed in Jesus, and was promised heaven as a […]

Mary: The New Eve

First Eve And New Eve

To identify the New Eve, we observe the stunning parallel between the Book of Genesis and the Gospel of John. The Bible explicitly tells us that Jesus is the New Adam.  For as […]

Biblical Salvation

Church And Bible - Copy 1

Much of American Christianity says that to obtain eternal life, we must only believe that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. This belief is based on John 3:16. “For God so loved […]


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