Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

It’s Bible vs. “Science,” not Bible vs. Science

Bible vs. Science

The whole idea of “Bible vs. Science” is a red herring. It’s nonsense. The Bible and science are always in 100% agreement. The problem is that people, including Christians, are too lazy to look at the science itself. Rather, they trust “scientists” to interpret the data for them, which results in “science,” not science. This “science” includes the most outlandish fairy tales imaginable– such as evolution, and a billion-years-old earth. All actual science points 180° away from these idiotic contrivances.

Most “scientists” are nothing more than snake oil salesman bowing to peer pressure. If they follow science rather than leftist politics, they are mocked, and they lose their grant money and their jobs. Therefore, most of what they tell us is “science” and not science. Look at the science, not what a “scientist” tells you. The Bible is always proven true!

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