God's Judgment

Low Clouds over America

I’ve been fascinated by the low clouds over the East Coast lately.  I don’t remember a time when low clouds appeared so frequently.  These low clouds create a very eerie ambience.

Low clouds over Philadelphia (weatherchannel.com/twitter)

Several months ago I even saw a lady pull her car over, get out, and take photos of the low and eerie clouds of that day.  I have heard people comment about the low clouds, and make Facebook posts about them.  This is not to even mention the freakish tornadoes that have occurred in the past year and a half in America in areas not known for tornadoes.  Let’s not forget that a tornado is a cloud that actually comes all the way down and touches the ground.  More on tornadoes in a future post, but now back to the clouds.

Low clouds over Philadelphia (weatherchannel.com/twitter)

In a previous post entitled, “Wild Animals in the Cities: A Sign of Judgment,” I noted my belief that God has already begun his judgment of America. We have earned his judgment by defiantly wiping any mention of him from our public schools, and public squares, and because sin is now enthusiastically celebrated in America. With this in mind, the low clouds of recent years are worrisome because of a certain Bible verse about clouds.

The LORD is slow to anger and great in power; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet. – Nahum 1:3

This verse from Nahum brings to mind what Iraqi citizens did after the Saddam Hussein statue was toppled in Baghdad in 2003. In the Middle East, touching someone with the bottom of your shoe equates them with the dust under your feet. It’s an insult.

So, when Saddam’s statue fell, that’s exactly what people did. They hit it with the bottoms of their shoes. Now, when the Bible says in Nahum 1:3 that clouds are the dust of God’s feet, and I see the clouds getting lower all the time, I get concerned. I do not want to be tread underfoot by God!

Iraqi uses the bottom of his shoe to strike Saddam Hussein statue. (AFP)

When God came in the flesh, as Jesus Christ, he came as a Middle Easterner. God presented the scriptures to us through the Jews, a Middle Eastern people, and he gave the Jews the nation of Israel, a Middle Eastern land. So, we must take care to read the Bible with a Middle Eastern perspective, not a Western perspective! Looking at the Bible from a Middle Eastern perspective, we see echoes (and probably the origin) of the shoe insult.

“Do not come any closer,” God said. “take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Then he said, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.” – Exodus 3:5-6

Looking at Nahum 1:3 from the perspective of a Middle Easterner, instead of the Westerner that I am, I am more convinced than ever that America is undergoing the judgment of God.

Iraqis hit statue of Saddam Hussein with the bottoms of their shoes, equating him with the dust under their feet, an insult. (Radio Free Europe)

So, clouds seem to be getting lower all the time, and the Bible equates clouds with the dust of God’s feet, and Middle Eastern culture construes the dust of one’s feet as an insult. America has worked so hard at insulting God, I certainly would not blame him for returning the favor.

As a nation, we need to repent and turn back to God, lest we end up being squashed like a bug under his feet, because that’s exactly what we’re headed for.

Image Source: AFP

I trampled them in my anger and trod them down in my wrath… – Isaiah 63:3

I trampled the nations in my anger… – Isaiah 63:6

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  1. If you haven’t read it, you would much enjoy the latest best selling book by Jonathan Cahn, “The Harbinger.” It is all about God’s judgment on the United States of America. In fact, I have a video with he and Sid Roth on my website. He uses scripture from the book of Isaiah, and 9/11 is a major part of it. We were the second blessed nation….under God….but now that humanity has turned from God and claimed victory on his own without God….crying out, “we will rebuild!” without turning from their wicked ways, (2 Chronicles 7:14) God’s judgment is ever upon us.

    In my trilogy, The Martyrdom Series, the second book, Soul Collector (not yet out; my agent and I are fine tuning the first book, Soul Deceiver), God tells the main character to name the church he is to take during the tribulation period, who’s address is 714, Church of the Second Chronicles, and he is to place the name of the church above the street number on the sign. God tells him that this is His message to the world. So as you can imagine, being that both the first and second book are based on this passage, I was quite blown away when I read The Harbinger and saw that Jonathan Cahn said the same thing toward the end…except that it was for America vs. the world. I only recently read his book, and I wrote that part into mine approximately a year ago!

    Sadly, prophecy must fulfill itself; America will not repent. People in America will repent, but the majority will not. Its leaders will not repent either. They will continue to serve their false God’s and their idols; just as many of the Israelites during Moses’ time and thereafter worshiped false images and developed the pagan religions and God’s, (Molech, Asherah Poles, Baal Worship, etc.). Today, many are making idols for themselves, thus, in a sense, serving their own Baal’s; television, video games, their jobs, alcohol, drugs, sex, lust, deceitfulness, adultery, fornication (physical and spiritual fornication), sports, and even their own children, religion, polluted doctrines, false doctrine, etc. Too many things to actually name. We have become worse than Sodom & Gomorrah, and God has been more than merciful and just because of His unfailing love; not desiring any of us to be lost.

    Yet Lucifer, in His deep, passionate hatred for God and the human race, seeks revenge upon God in his attempts to take as many of us as he can to hell, the place created for he and his demonic hosts of wickedness; not for us. How sad it is that so many have gone, and are going, to spend eternity in such a horrible place that we were never intended to be part of. How sad it is that so many people blame God, seeing Him as the blame for our sorrows. Satan lures us to hell through deceit, lies, temptation, and perversion…and he’s had thousands of years of practice! God is the judge, Lucifer (Satan) is the great deceiver, demons are Lucifer’s army, and Jesus, having justly removed the keys of death from Lucifer’s grip through His death and atoning blood, is our salvation from the eternal death of our soul..praise God!

    Yet the world hates/hated Him; for the world hated Him, and they will hate you.

    My son and I were taking our daily walk the other afternoon, and we were both listening to Micha’el Ben David, the Messianic Jewish man in the music videos at my site. We were so engulfed in the power of the Holy Spirit, we were skipping, dancing, rejoicing, laughing, and lifting our hands toward the heavens in praise to the Father as we listened to the beautiful music. We were on a busy street, and I’m sure we received some strange stares; but I didn’t care, nor did he! We were giving our God glory!

    God is weeding out those who are obedient and loyal to Him, and those who are not from His kingdom. Personally, I believe we were all in heaven first. I believe we were all spirits in heaven made to serve Him. Lucifer and 1/3 of his angels fell from God’s grace before humanity was ever created. Personally, I believe as spirits in God’s midst in heaven, we were His feet, just as Jesus is the Word, and the Holy Spirit is the hands….we were His feeet. He has sent us to earth and given us a body of flesh (just as He did Jesus, though Jesus was God in the flesh, we of course are not; we are the lower parts, the feet, yet given an important purpose as well!) The purpose for all of this? We were made to love God originally before we were flesh; put into a body of flesh, the memories of heaven and being in God’s presence stored up in our spirit, but not in our brain (because the brain is flesh) God wanted us to come here in a body of flesh and choose Him by our own free will, and to find Him again with only what was stitched into our spirit that our brain could not connect with. By this, God weeds out from His kingdom the spirits who are truly loyal to Him, and those who deep down are corrupt as Lucifer was.

    What would be more special to you? Someone who was made to love you, or someone who chose to love you by their own free will? Despite all obstacles, that person remained devoted, loyal, and so in love with you on their own! God made us in His image, and as I said, we were made to love Him; but now we have a free will to choose to love Him and serve Him, or Lucifer.

    Then we who were loyal will return to our Father, and those who are not will spend eternity with their’s–Lucifer. The Bible says that hell is the eternal separation from God. Now, let me ask, how could eternal separation from God be hell if we never knew Him to begin with? It wouldn’t! I believe when we die, it all comes back to our spirit’s. As soon as we take our last breath, the knowledge of being in His presence, weeping at our departure from His presence at the moment we were conceived of flesh in the womb with the promise, “Oh Father! I will be loyal! You will see! I will never turn from You! I will be back!” It wouldn’t be hell if we never knew it to begin with! Therefore, we had to have all been in His presence before the flesh! There is the verse in Ezekiel as well that says He knew us before we were stitched together in our mother’s womb.

    Now, for those who die wthout knowing Christ and obeying Him, they instantly remember having been in His glorious presence before the test of residing in a body of flesh in this world, and now they are most regretful, greatly pained and anguished….for their memories are returned and there is no going back. They shall be separated from all love (for God is love) eternally, and be tormented brutally forever. The fact of knowing what they once had, and will never have again, yet they were too stubborn in the flesh, choosing to live in disobedience, unrepentance, and corruption, is a part of the suffering of hell to begin with.

    Will we, the feet of Yhweh (God), live out our purpose on this earth? Which is to carry God throughout the world; His love, His message, His truth! To be the light of the path to Jesus! This is why throughout the Bible, we are always seen kneeling at the feet of God….this is why the earth is His foot stool–we are the lower part of God–yet a very important part indeed! Remember, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples? This showed several things, but it was God showing us that He (God, through Jesus who was washing their feet) was cleansing His feet (us) through the Holy Spirit (His water), which became available to us through Jesus (His death). When God sent Jesus, amen, He was washing His dirt-covered feet so that we could be clean once again before Him! So we could once again be given access to the tree of life–Jesus, who died on a tree, thus giving us life!

  2. Thanks for the eloquent response, Lyn. I haven’t read “The Harbinger” yet, but I’ve heard about it, and I’ve heard Jonathan Cahn speak about it. He points out some amazing correlations between the harbingers in Scripture, and what happened here during and after 9/11. I will check it out. I agree with you completely about the “Baals” we’ve created for ourselves in America (and in the West in general). I’ll keep an eye out for your books. Thank you!

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