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Is America Ephraim? Part VIII

Woe to the… drunkards of Ephraim [America]… him that sitteth in judgment [judges]… have erred through wine… through strong drink are out of the way… they err in vision, they stumble in judgment. ~ Isaiah 28:1-7

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Justice Ginsburg: Not ‘100% sober’ at State of the Union

Richard Wolf, USA TODAY 5:15 p.m. EST February 13, 2015

Ginsburg not 100% sober at SOTU_USA Today

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (the “liberal lioness”) is sound asleep during Obama’s State of the Union address in January of 2015. She later admitted to being “not 100% sober” during the address.

Ephraim [America] compasseth me about with lies, and the house of Israel [the Northern Kingdom, the ten lost tribes] with deceit… ~ Hosea 11:12

America, led by Barack Hussein Obama, is making a deal to ensure that Iran gets nuclear weapons. Iran has repeatedly vowed to annihilate Israel, and Iran destroyed a mock U.S. aircraft carrier during nuclear negotiations with America.


Iran destroys mock US aircraft carrier in naval drills

Revolutionary Guard attack vessel with missiles and fast boats during navy and air defence drills near Strait of Hormuz.

25 Feb 2015 18:49 GMT

Iran Destroys Mock Aircraft Carrier

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It could not be more clear that Iran intends to use its nukes to destroy America (which Iran calls “the great Satan”) and Israel (which Iran calls “the little Satan”). Because of this clarity, Barack Hussein Obama must encompass the situation with lies. He puts lipstick on a pig. He pisses on our legs and tells us it’s raining. And if anyone thinks I’m gratuitously using foul language with the word “piss,” think again. The word “pisseth” appears at least six times in the King James Bible. Now back to Iran.

In the Bible, Iran is “Persia” and “Elam.” Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, as Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu recently explained using this map.


Remarkably, Iran’s terror is foretold in the Bible along with Iran’s doomed fate for coming against Israel.

Elam [Iran] is there [in hell], with all her hordes… who had SPREAD TERROR in the land of the living… ~ Ezekiel 32:24

…but Judah [modern-day Israel] yet ruleth with God, and is faithful with the saints.  ~ Hosea 11:12

So, Hosea 11:12 foretells a time when Ephraim (America) is lying, but Judah (modern-day Israel) is telling the truth and honoring God. That time is now. Remarkably, God planted a legislative seed in America’s constitution that allows him to reign his blessing upon us even when our president tries his hardest to break free of that blessing. God’s love for, and blessing upon, Ephraim will never be outmaneuvered by Leftists or Islamists who Satan manages to get elected to American political office. God always outmaneuvers Satan. Observe:

America’s three branches of government come from Isaiah 33:22.

The Lord is our judge [Judicial Branch], the Lord is our lawgiver [Legislative Branch], the Lord is our king [Executive Branch]…” ~ Isaiah 33:22.

The genius of this design was on display this week as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (repeatedly insulted by our EXECUTIVE branch), warned our LEGISLATIVE branch about Iran, which vows to annihilate Israel. This week, God used the genius of divided power to keep America on the right side of this judgment:

I will gather all nations… I will enter into judgment against them concerning… my people Israel… ~ Joel 3:2.

In his speech before the U.S. Congress, Mr. Netanyahu stood where Obama normally stands, and spoke words that Obama refuses to speak.

Netanyahu Speech US Congress_AFP Getty Images

Image source: AFP/Getty Images

Netanyahu acknowledged that Islamic extremism is the problem. He also honored Esther and Moses in his speech, thereby praising the God of Israel on the floor of the U.S. Congress– Wow!

Finally, Netanyahu hosts a regular Bible study in his home. Netanyahu indeed “ruleth with God, and is faithful with the saints.”

The Bible is always proven true.

Is America Ephraim? Part IX

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