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More ISIS In The Book Of Judith

In a previous post, ISIS In The Book Of Judith, I noted the startling similarities between the “numerous, motley horde of warriors” devouring the Middle East in the Book of Judith, and the ISIS hordes devouring the Middle East today. But since I wrote that article nearly a year ago, I’ve noticed even more prophetic templates from Judith that apply to what we see today.

For example, in Chapter 2, it is said of the leader of these evil hordes that “he devastated Put.” Well, the Biblical land of “Put” is modern-day North Africa west of Egypt (in other words, Libya, Tunisia, etc.). At the time I wrote ISIS In The Book Of Judith, ISIS was not making headlines for activity in North Africa. That changed in early 2015 when ISIS appeared in Libya executing a group of Ethiopian Christians, and a group of Egyptian Christians.

ISIS Libya Executing Christians

There it was, right on the news. ISIS was devastating Put just as the evil hordes in Judith had done.

But now there is another fulfillment taking place before our eyes. In the past few weeks, we have seen nonstop images of Muslim “refugees” fleeing the Middle East for Europe. I put the word “refugee” in quotes because this is not a refugee crisis, it is an Islamic invasion of Christian Europe, an Islamic invasion of the West. And Europe is foolishly accepting this Trojan Horse, warmly welcoming the invaders.

Refugees Welcome_Europe

Europe is giving the invaders food, water, welfare benefits, and rock bands are even playing concerts to advocate for the invaders. This brings me to a remarkably similar occurrence in Judith, Chapter 3.

By the end of Chapter 2, these motley hordes had terrorized and devastated Damascus, Syria (sound familiar?).

Descending to the plain of Damascus at the time of the wheat harvest, he [Holofernes, the leader of the hordes] set fire to all their fields, destroyed their flocks and herds, despoiled their cities, devastated their plains, and put all their youths to the sword. ~ Judith 2:27

Have you seen the news in the past few years? ISIS has done exactly this.

ISIS Syria Destruction

But it’s the next few lines in Judith that are remarkable with regard to today’s refugee crisis invasion of Europe.

Judith Chapter 3 is titled, Submission of the West. That title alone is stunning! But so are the verses that follow it. In those verses, the inhabitants of “the West” are scared to death of the hordes invading from the East, and want to appease them (sound familiar?). Here is what happened when the Eastern hordes reached “the West”:

The people of these [western] cities and all the inhabitants of the countryside received him [Holofernes, leader of the hordes] with garlands and dancing to the sound of timbrels. Nevertheless, he devastated their whole territory [so much for appeasement!]… for he had been commissioned to destroy all the gods of the earth, so that every nation might worship Nebuchadnezzar alone and every people and tribe invoke him as a god. ~ Judith 3:7-8

Does that sound familiar? Daniel warned us about this!

…he [the Antichrist, the Caliph] shall exalt and magnify himself above every god, shall speak blasphemies against the God of gods [“Those who say, ‘the Lord of Mercy has begotten a son,’ preach a monstrous falsehood…” ~ Koran 19:88]… He shall regard neither the God of his fathers [the Middle East was formerly a Christian land] nor the desire of women [the Antichrist will show no regard for womens’ desires, womens’ rights, have you seen how Islam treats women?], nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all. But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses [a god of war, jihad]… ~ Daniel 11:36-38

I do not suggest that the “West” we see invaded in the Book of Judith extends as geographically far west as the “West” we see invaded today (Western Europe and even North America), but the principle is the same. Motley hordes from the East, adhering to a culture that is completely incompatible with the West, and completely hostile toward the West, invade the West, and are warmly welcomed by the Biblically illiterate (and therefore gullible) West.

Just like the Eastern hordes in Judith, today’s Eastern hordes are repaying the West’s peaceful reception with violence and intolerance. The destruction of Christendom is their goal.

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