Drafting Your Daughters For War

The Obama administration’s war on gender means that your daughters will be drafted for war.

“…at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female’…” ~ Jesus Christ, Mark 10:6

God designed the sexes to be different. Men go to war. Women raise children. If men are captured in war, they are beaten, tortured, and imprisoned (unless they are captured by the U.S., in which case they are pampered and eat better than they ever have in their miserable lives). But when women are captured, they are beaten, tortured, imprisoned and raped. This is exactly the goal of evil Leftists (redundant terms), who masquerade as feminists but are actually anti-feminists.


All Combat Roles Now Open to Women, Defense Secretary Says



In a historic transformation of the American military, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter said on Thursday that the Pentagon would open all combat jobs to women.

“There will be no exceptions,” Mr. Carter said at a news conference. He added, “They’ll be allowed to drive tanks, fire mortars and lead infantry soldiers into combat.

Read entire article at nytimes.com.

In its ever-intensifying war on all things Biblical, the evil administration of Barack Hussein Obama has declared all-out war on gender. The federal government is on a jihad to purge our Christian nation of all gender roles. Gender-specific words are being scrubbed from federal literature, and it’s just a matter of time before you are sued for calling someone “sir” or “ma’am”– greetings that were considered respectful just months ago, but are now considered offensive.

Feeding The Perverted Beast

One of the most diabolical intentions of this cultural genocide is that it opens all military combat roles to women. This means that if there is another war that requires a draft, your daughters (and not just your sons) will be taken from you. Your daughters will not be taken from you to serve as nurses in military hospitals tucked safely in friendly territory. They will be taken from you to serve as target practice for demon-possessed jihadi lunatics who will rape your daughters if they fail to kill them. Obama’s Islamist-friendly and Islamist-infiltrated U.S. government will keep the Islamist beast fat with fresh American female flesh.

Rape Crazy

Islamist and Leftist armies are rape-crazy. When the Soviet Army reached Berlin in World War II, they went on a demonic orgy of rape against German women. When ISIS invades a town, they rape the women and abduct them into sex slavery. American women were safe here in the U.S., protected by their tough American cowboys who carried pistols on their hips, and rifles in their saddles.


But the Left has eroded that protection away over the years.

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

The tough American cowboy has been homosexualized by the movie Brokeback Mountain. Today’s cowboy better not wear his pistols visibly, or he goes to jail. His rifle better not be an assault weapon, or he goes to jail. And his horse better not be ridden, because that’s cruelty to animals (but human abortion is perfectly legal and acceptable) and the cowboy goes to jail.

But even if the cowboy was still heterosexual, and still allowed to openly carry guns, and still allowed to ride his horse valiantly onto the scene to save his woman, it wouldn’t matter. His woman is a prisoner of war being raped by jihadists thanks to Barack Hussein Obama.

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