Gideon’s 300

God chose Gideon’s 300 warriors via the famous water-drinking test. No one in popular American pulpits seems to know why, so let’s ask Josephus. Recruiting In Reverse In the Book of Judges, […]

Armenian Genocide: Smyrna

In Revelation 2, Jesus dictates a stunningly accurate prophetic letter to Christians in Smyrna, Turkey. Smyrna was the horrific grand finale of the Armenian Genocide, in which 1.5 million Christians were murdered […]

Praying For The Dead

Whenever I see an internet article about a tragic death, I look at the comments. Most people comment that we should pray for the victim’s family. But some people comment that we […]

They Were So Violent

A confrontation Jesus had with two violent men shows us that the Bible is 100% prophecy, and that human nature never changes. I decided to read the Gospels again from beginning to […]